For every service, you should call us to confirm that we’re available before completing your purchase.
Yes, in most cases. Please call to confirm.

Bin Rentals

The Bin Uses pages clearly indicates how to separate materials in the bin. Please do not mix materials since you’ll be charged the highest rate from the City of Ottawa.
Asbestos, hazardous waste, chemicals, oils, batteries, paint, bulbs and liquid waste are not allowed. We’ll bring these items back to you If you hide any of these items. There will be a $125 fee.
The bins are 16 feet long. The door can be opened but it requires another 8’. The small bins are low enough that with waste removal you may not need to open the door. Our truck and trailer are approx. 45’ long. We suggest a minimum of 30’ long driveway to place the bin. We’ll need space on the street to backup in your driveway. We cannot be responsible if cars are blocking us.
We may have to leave the bin at your house for you to sort your waste. You’ll be charged a fee of $125 since we’ll have to go back to pick it up a second time. You may be beyond your total days as well. Please, call us to understand what can go in the bin. It’s a lot easier.
No, you do not need to be home. Let us know or put a tape in your driveway to indicate where you want it.
It’s not suggested to drop a bin straight on your asphalt or pavers. We’ll bring wood boards to protect your driveway. We cannot be held responsible if your driveway is not strong enough for the weight of the bin or the truck.